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Hapé MI-23 MK3: RS-232 protocol

Found an old multimeter that allows you to receive measurement over a serial line. I could only find a Windows application for this, so I figured I'd try to reverse the protocol.

Posted 30-12-2021 09:07

CHDK PTP interface addendum

I added some information about partial downloading and events to a CHDK PTP interface addendum.

Posted 28-04-2010 17:18

CHDK PTP interface

Some time ago I found a function in the firmware of my camera to add handlers for Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) operations. PTP is used to communicate with, for example, a computer over USB. At the time I wasn't really looking for that specifically, but last weekend I realised that it could be really useful for debugging. The result is that I spend some time researching and implementing an extension that allows for on-the-fly remote memory inspection/manipulation and function calls (amongst others). For the documentation and CHDK/libptp patches have a look here.

Posted 08-10-2009 23:36

CHDK porting

The last two and a half weeks I've been spending some time porting the CHDK to the Canon IXUS 870 IS. Because the available "documentation" was typically spread over various forum post and often limited, which is quite frustrating for someone who is totally new to the CHDK, I figured I'd write the documentation I myself would have liked to have when I started porting. You can find it here and perhaps soon also on the CHDK wiki itself.

Posted 05-05-2009 05:30

Notice from dr. Muck

My Ph.D. thesis ("Efficient Rewriting Techniques") is available under publications. Copies are available on request. Don't be shy, you know you want one.

Posted 17-04-2009 16:50